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Catching up with Team San Antonio: Days 1 & 2

Day 1

The San Antonio team left from Candia at 4am ~ a big shout and thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Carlson for driving us to the airport! After a few delays and two flights, we finally arrived in Texas. We were greeted at the by the Rairdon Family at the airport.

Our team is composed of four leaders and twelve students. The blueprint ministry house can hold up to 150 guests so our team has plenty of space. Maybe we can bring the whole school here some time. 

For dinner we headed into Downtown San Antonio and enjoyed a simple yet delicious Tex/Mex cuisine.

Day 2

The Lord blessed our group with a day of rest and the opportunity to integrate into the culture and weather. After attending a great church service, we went to see an air show and experience the military culture inside San Antonio. It was fascinating to see all of the aircraft and even the helicopters and tanks. The weather was amazing (high of 84F and a bit overcast with 30% humidity) but very different from ours in the northeast. ~ Tim Carlson

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