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Final Reflections from Team San Antonio

"This week was such an amazing experience. Working on fixing a home as a team and knowing that it was helping someone feels so rewarding. For most of the week I was not able to talk to the homeowner that much but I got so lucky because on the last day of work we were able to finish the job and the homeowner came out and I was able to talk to her for a long time. I found that she is such a sweet person. She was so grateful for everything and was willing to talk to anyone even if they were bored. But it was also really fun hanging out with the rest of our group doing fun activities. Going to “The Cave with no name”, a creek and swimming, and even things from before like the boat ride we had and going to the “Tower of the Americas' '. Overall this week was very fun and I am so happy that I got to see God’s work in all of this; from seeing the homeowner feel safe again in her own home to having a group of people who don’t hang out that often to being talking often throughout the whole week. This trip was something that I will never forget." -Faith 

"This long and eventful week of missions in San Antonio was a wonderful experience. I learned lots about roofing and many other skills. In this time I made friends with people I never would have thought I would have and one of them was a Hispanic man that worked with us named Tally. Tally was a soft spoken man with a little bit of English knowledge, he was always working and extremely kind. He even had the best ice cream spot for us. I was able to see many ways God works in people's lives, especially with physical labor you can see an immediate difference but even when you can see that it can be hard to think that you are relieving stress and making an impact. This long week has both helped me see God's physical ministry and also the way God leaves a long spiritual impact. I had an amazing week and am so grateful for the opportunity and  am sad it has come to an end." -Nolan

"On the last night of our mission trip, we had the opportunity to see a NBA Spurs basketball game against the Denver Nuggets. It was a very exciting game to watch throughout. It got a little rough around halftime being down by 20+, but at the start of the third quarter they went on an amazing streak which they needed to get back in the game. In the last quarter it was back and forth the whole time until, the Spurs with 0.9 seconds left on the clock and a break away, they pulled off the game winning shot to secure the most unexpected win. With the Denver Nuggets being the number 1 seed in the NBA so far and the Spurs being the 15th, none of us expected to see them win this one. GO SPURS GO!"


It's the last day of the trip! Though it is a day of travel, it is definitely going to be a busy one. It was a long week, but all things said, it was a good one. I cannot complain about how the week went, because it couldn’t have gone any better. I am beyond thankful for the partnership we had with Blueprint Ministries allowing us to truly make an impact on the lives of people in San Antonio. Yesterday we ended the week with a day of fun, visiting the “Cave Without a Name”, as well as watching a San Antonio Spurs Game. It was an incredible way to end a week of hard work and labor. Thank you to Blueprint as well as team Texas! - Silas

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