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JRHS and College Preparedness

By Sam Carlson ('22)

This fall marks the beginning of my sophomore year at Gordon College. As I reflect on the past year, it is clear to me that my four years at Jesse Remington High School prepared me well for college life.

At Gordon College, I am studying Marketing and I am a pitcher for the school’s baseball team. Life at school is packed with responsibilities, time commitments, and due dates. I have witnessed friends struggle with the pressure to balance school, work, practice, mandatory workouts, and a social life. However, my current workload mirrors what I faced in high school where I learned how to manage my time, while some of my class and teammates are panicking when we have big assignments due the same day as practice or a game. The emphasis on writing at JRHS has also been a big help, as well, particularly Mr. Philbrick’s CP Humanities class. My skill and efficiency in writing essays and taking essay tests helps me create high quality work in less time and with confidence. Further, I have benefited greatly from classes such as Marketing, Excel, and Money Management. They have helped me gain a base knowledge for my college classes which has made me feel ready for the challenging assignments that I have every week.

Most importantly, though, I have become independent in my spiritual life. The transition from high school to college can be tricky in so many ways, and I feel that maintaining a healthy spiritual life without parental guidance is very challenging for a lot of students. I think my parents would agree when I say that I have been able to make my faith truly my own. The last four years helped me to become responsible for my relationship with God through chapel, Koinonia, mission trips, and the informative Bible classes, especially the ones in Junior and Senior years which challenge us to deeply analyze our faith.

Last year, if you asked me what I appreciated most about my time at JRHS, I’d say my friends. Now, though, I also recognize how well-prepared I am for the work and stresses of college and for taking ownership of my spiritual life away from home.


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