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JRHS concludes First Annual Korean Summer Language and Culture Institute

An estimated 50 celebrants from JRHS and KWICS gathered last Friday evening for the culmination of a profound two week experience for both institutions. The celebration was held at the Lincoln Park Retreat Center, generously provided by Taewon Jin.

The JRHS Team led the final week of the Institute, featuring interactive activities that offered language and cultural opportunities for our Korean students and visitors. Some of the featured events included rehearsing and performing some scenes from “Twain’s Tales”, art projects, choral singing, games and sports, and lots of food and fun. On Independence Day, we shared the story of American Independence, followed by a Pool Party at the Dow’s home, complete with a barbeque, apple pie and ice cream! We finished the day at the Fisher Cats game and fireworks.

A significant accomplishment of the week included forming a working relationship with Korea Wales International Christian School. Their leaders and our Headmaster Philbrick spent several hours together over the course of the week, learning about each other’s’ schools, and realizing the similar missions we have for Christian Education. Both schools have much to share with one another, and a high point in the week was the formation and signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between our two schools, and a commitment to pray for one another.

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