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JRHS is excited to announce Mrs. Jenn Trowsdale to the Math Teaching Faculty!

Jesse Remington High School is excited to announce Mrs. Jenn Trowsdale to the math teaching faculty. Mrs. Trowsdale joins us with an impressive educational and professional background and we have greatly enjoyed getting to know her this summer – she is the answer to our prayer for additional math teachers! Mrs. Trowsdale began her professional career in a lab position at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Groton CT. During that time, she began attending First Baptist Church of Waterford, where she met Josh; they were married in January of 2001. After her job with Pfizer, Jenn realized she wanted to work with youth, and began various teaching and tutoring jobs. In 2015, she attained her certification, and began her teaching career in GA, CT and now in NH.

Mrs. Trowsdale enjoys many hobbies that include crafting, puzzles, board games, anything with animals, creating art and playing with new technologies. She loves to work with tools and her hands! What she enjoys the most is simply spending time and making memories with her two daughters, Emma and Evelyn, and husband, Josh.

When we asked Mrs. Trowsdale what she’s most looking forward to in her first year teaching at JRHS, she said “I am most looking forward to meeting the students of JRHS and their families and getting to know them as we encourage one-another in our Christian walks and in raising our children to know, love, and serve Christ. I hope that I can use my love of science and math, and my experience with students from a variety of backgrounds, to make a positive impact in the lives of JRHS families.”



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