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JRHS Sentinels: Recap of a Championship Season

Written by Coach Langlois

The Sentinel Soccer Club had a fantastic year in 2018. We were able to again field two teams, Varsity and Junior Varsity with 29 total players ranging from 6th to 12th grade.

The season started off inauspiciously versus a strong Holy Family Squad early in September when we are usually just learning each other’s names. We scored the first goal but were taught valuable lessons after losing 7-1! The lessons: Get in shape and play to the end. Well that would be the first, last and only loss of the season for the Varsity team.

One of the highlights for the season was that a record 15 different players scored goals for us. In the past we have had one or two standout players, this year we had the deepest bench we have ever had, with many players capable of very high-level play. Probably the most remarkable trait of the team was its ability to pass and control the ball with every player on the field getting involved in the action. At the end of the regular season we were able to get a measure of redemption against the same Holy family team, beating them soundly 5-1.

The team won 10 straight games finishing with an overall record of 10-1. For the first time in 6 years Jesse Remington returned to the finals beating Tri City Christian Academy 3-1 and earning the league championship.

We sadly say good bye to our awesome group of seniors, John Marineau, Melody Song, Patrick Dupere, Oren Fultz and Tommy Higgins. They will be most sorely missed and impossible to replace. We wish them the best for their futures, that God would watch over and blass them as they have blessed us, and that they would do great things in His name as they go forth.

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