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JRHS Teams up with Berea Ministries to Complete Renovation Projects at Camp Monadnock

Team Monadnock has been busy this week working on a renovation project with Berea Ministries. Berea Ministries took over Camp Monadnock about two years ago. Our JRHS Team has come alongside the Facilities Director, Peter to complete these needed renovations. Our Team has been lead by JRHS Faculty: Dan Burger, Garrett McLarty and Matt Hannan.

Berea Ministries has put most of their resources into infrastructure work. Our goal has been to help complete the renovations needed and to spruce things up a bit to make it look great and functional for future guests.

Some of the items we've been working on this week are replacing sheetrock in the ceilings of the dorm that was water damaged, replacing the ceiling in the game room, renovating the old snack bar, and so much more!

Team Monadnock has also enjoyed times of worship and fellowship. They are working hard and playing hard. We appreciate their willingness to serve the Lord in this capacity. Their efforts will be on display and greatly appreciated for many years to come!

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