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Mr. Philbrick awards Mr. Martens with this month's "Jesse the Sentinel Award"

Jesse Remington High School holds five values in high esteem, and as a way to reward and further develop these values, we have the Jesse the Sentinel Award.

The Sentinel is one who keeps watch over the King’s treasure, and we have some very important treasure at JRHS: our students. Our students represent God’s church in the years ahead. If we do our job well, then our students will be representing Christ in our communities long after we are done at Jesse, and even long after our time on earth. Jesse the Sentinel is passed from one member of the Team to the next at various gatherings. Recipients can be Faculty, Staff, Board, Coaches, or Volunteers. When making the award, the speaker showcases these shared values in the life and work of the recipient.

Congratulations to this month's recipient, Mr. Carter Martens for being a continuous Christ-like example to your students and peers, and your notable attributes and growth in the following areas: Honor & Respect, Empathy & Understanding, Proactive Hard Work, Orderliness & Self Discipline, Resilience &Grit.

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