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otLIVE, a Walk Thru the Bible

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

By Cheryl Crawford, Administrator

As a part of their Old Testament Bible survey course, Matt Hannan's freshmen and sophomore Bible classes at JRHS were thrilled to attend otLIVE ("Old Testament Live"), an event that was recently hosted by the school. The event featured Dave Denis from the United Baptist Church of Concord, NH. As a certified otLIVE instructor, Dave Denis conducted an interactive Old Testament seminar that aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Old Testament.The main objective of the event was to familiarize attendees with the major events and figures of the Old Testament and to grasp the overall storyline. Pastor Dave went beyond traditional teaching methods by incorporating hand gestures, allowing participants to easily recall the stories by remembering the corresponding movements. This kinesthetic approach facilitated a deeper connection enabling individuals of all ages to engage with scripture and effectively retell the stories of the Old Testament.

Christy Comrie found the seminar to be both enjoyable and informative. She also appreciated the sense of community that was fostered during the event. Through her participation, Christy's knowledge of Old Testament events grew, and she was inspired to delve deeper into the Old Testament which she thought did not get as much attention as the New Testament. She appreciated Mr. Denis’ engaging presentation style, which included the use of dramatic voices and actions that left a lasting impression.

Hannah Adejumo shared how the seminar provided her with a deeper understanding of the Old Testament characters. This newfound understanding inspired her to revisit the Old Testament stories. Hannah was also surprised by the recurring themes of sin, repentance, and restoration throughout the Old Testament. Additionally, she found the concept of different hearts, such as King David's whole heart for God, King Saul's lack of a heart for God, and King Solomon's half-hearted devotion, to still be relevant in today's world.

Mia DeCristoforo appreciated the engaging and enjoyable approach to learning the timeline of the Old Testament. This interactive method helped her comprehend the characters and events. Mia was also struck by the different hearts among the characters, as some possessed a whole heart for God, while others had only half or no heart for Him. 

About a half dozen adults joined in on the learning, and Diane Philbrick, affectionately known as Grandma Philbrick on campus, expressed her astonishment at how the seminar brought the Old Testament to life. She was particularly amazed by the seamless connection and dramatic conclusion of the storyline with the announcement of Christ.

While telling about their experiences at the seminar, all the participants were actively modeling the hand gestures. Their increased knowledge and excitement of the Old Testament was evident. Overall, the otLIVE event proved to be an excellent opportunity for participants to engage with and gain a deeper understanding of the Old Testament and learn that it is all part of God’s story. We at JRHS are grateful to have experienced this Walk Thru the Bible!

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