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Senior Feature: Jon Lacy

Jonathan Lacy followed the family tradition to attend Jesse Remington High School, and has attended all four years of high school. Jon is a faithful steward and servant of God, and loves to invest his gifts and talents where they can really make a difference. He has most enjoyed the Maple Sugaring Project and doing work around campus. Also Jon has been a key man in building and erecting some timber frames, including the Auburn Historical Society, the CYAA Dugouts, Camp Shiloh and this spring the Winnipesaukee Cabin. All said, Jon is very good with his hands. Second to the Lord, Jon loves working on his or another's truck.

Jon has been a solid player on the mission trip teams, highlighted by his trips to WV and Haiti. In this year's trip to Philadelphia, Jon enjoyed getting to know a few of the younger students in a more real way through the experience. Another feature of Jon's time at JRHS has been his faithful and regular worship leadership with his guitar playing. He even began teaching some faculty members how to play guitar this year! His plans for the future are to attend Manchester Community College to major in Automotive Mechanics for vehicles.

He is guided by this scripture:  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

His most lasting memory at JRHS is the tradition of hard work we set and expect at JRHS. Some students complain about the hard work days, like a Stewardship Day or a Workathon, but to Jon, this is a way he can invest his God-given gifts of work with his hands and also model this ethic to others. Jon will be remembered most as a "Do" leader, and less as as "Say" leader. 



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