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Team Costa Rica's Reflections from ​​Day 7: God’s Fingerprints

Today the team, for a needed respite, went up into the mountains to La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park and Wildlife Refuge. Throughout the day, wherever one looked, the fingerprints of God could be seen in His creation. The park is the Largest Animal Sanctuary in Costa Rica with over 100 species of animals. We finished our day on the mountain by stopping at the Starbucks : Hacienda Alsacia, a 240-hectare working  coffee farm with spectacular views. 

Later in the evening we celebrated our two birthday kids with Fro Yo! 

Reflections from Students:

"Today we experienced several life changing events. Numerous groups were able to see exotics animals, including jaguars, toucans, spider monkeys, rare butterfly species, pumas, and hummingbirds. Seeing all these creatures reminded me of how powerful, and thoughtful our God is. He has made me realize that he has a desire for creativity in all of us." ~ Caiden Fredriksen

"Hola, nuestros nombres son Chloe y Amanda. Today we went to the OG Starbucks plantation!!! It was really cool to see not only the beauty of the architecture,  the view outside of the Starbucks but also seeing where the coffee beans grew; the outside has insane mountains and waterfalls!! Not only that BUT the DRINKS were quite exquisite! More than that, it was so amazing to be in fellowship with  everyone while enjoying pink drinks ;)" ~ Chloe Fredriksen and Amanda Buttafoco

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