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Team Uganda 2023 – Conclusion of a divine experience

The ministry experience for the Uganda Team concluded Thursday, April 6, 2023. Every Missionary is so much better for it, so richly blessed by the experience of sharing the love of Christ to others.

The two halves our trip couldn’t have been more different. The first week we were in the remote villages of Uganda, bringing the light and hope of Christ to some very needy students and teachers. Bucket showers and pit latrines soon became normal to us.

The second week we have spent at the Kampala city oasis called the Word of Life Fellowship. Some of our readers may be familiar with WOL at Scroon Lake NY; this is one of the few Africa plants from that original vision. Here, we have worked alongside the gracious and dedicated missionaries to serve the children in the WOL International School.

A main goal of the JRHS Mission experience is to impress upon the students the need to become “mission-minded” as they mature into young adult life. We pray our students’ hearts will break for the poor, the destitute, the needy, the downtrodden. We pray they will fall in love with Kingdom investing, taking what God has given them for time, talent and treasure, and direct it to Kingdom advancing projects locally, nationally and abroad.

“Head-Teacher Jeff”, as I am called here, is pleased to announce, these 16 fortunate missionaries have come a long way towards a broader and deeper understanding of God’s mission. Many thanks to all who sponsored us, prayed for us and supported us. Now we ask for your thoughts and prayers as we begin the long and arduous journey home – estimated to be about 30 hours, and 7 time zones to cross in the meantime. If all goes well, we will worship on Easter in our home churches, all the better for it.

Happy Easter to all, Jeff Philbrick

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