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The JRHS Community Remembers Ray Cresswell

The JRHS community offers its condolences to the Cresswell family after the passing of Ray Cresswell. As the very first parent of the school, Ray became involved in helping meet the JRHS mission. Ray and Pia were adamant believers of JRHS in its earliest, infant stages in the early 1990’s. Over the years, Ray was a part of the teaching faculty helping in many different roles from teaching Humanities to leading and co-leading in the project curriculum. Those who knew Ray will remember his passion and love for history. This was best illustrated in his work with students to bring history to life through the yearly Humanities Faire and teaching Government. Another course which was near and dear to him and many students was Hunters Education, which he led for several years. Student travel was to become a foundational principle at JRHS, and Ray helped organize and lead trips to Washington DC, London and Philadelphia.

Headmaster Jeff Philbrick recalls the support that Ray and Pia gave to JRHS from the earliest days. He remembers that first application coming to the school office (ie the broom closet!) as they committed their time, resources and effort to see JRHS succeed for their kids and the others to follow their lead. In preparing the text for this article, Philbrick recalled the bold vision we had to expand JRHS to include grades 7 and 8. Ray Cresswell and Jennifer Franz stood up to take on the leadership roles. Although the Junior High was not long lived, it stands as an example of vision, risk-taking and faith - embodied by Mr. Cresswell.

Ray was a great man who lived out his faith. Students were blessed to have him as their teacher as he taught them much more than just the material, as he illustrated a life dedicated to the Lord.

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