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Zach Bacon ('16) shares his JRHS Testimony with 2022 Mission Celebration Attendees

By Zach Bacon, Class of 2016

"My experience with Jesse Remington can be summed up with three words: Family, Future, and Faith. Each has influenced every aspect of my time within Jesse, and after. Without the cultivation of these qualities, I would argue that a high school graduate is under-prepared and ill-equipped to live a life for God in their time after high school. Jesse Remington was, and is, a fine example of the commitment, community and culture that is required to cultivate these three fundamental cornerstones of life.

The family that is created when students attend Jesse, is one of brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as brothers, sisters, and parents in community. It is inspiring to see the commitment that each family has to Jesse Remington, both during and after their respective time within the school. Families mold together, friends become siblings, parents of one family become parents of many others. Hard times are shared within the community. Guidance, encouragement, and love are spread amongst every member of the school. The students of Jesse Remington are evidently seen to be the most important part of the school. This can be seen through the amount of time and love that everyone, including those who aren’t enrolled in the school, put into it. To me, the best example of this is the beginning and end of the year hiking trips. The number of parents who would take their entire days to drive the students, to speak into their lives and to foster this culture of extended family, was always amazing. Each parent brought their own experiences and wisdom to the car rides, the hikes and the enjoyment of the view and company.

During my time at Jesse, one of the most used words to describe the school was “Community.” It was a given fact that Jesse students are some of the most tightknit and supportive students that can occur during a high school experience. I look back at my time with Jesse Remington as one of the most impactful and enjoyable times of my life. The friends I made there are the friends I still have. The parents who cared for each of us 6 years ago, still care for us as their own. Our problems, our worries and our joys are shared amongst each and everyone of us. The family that is made at Jesse Remington is a family in Christ and a family that continues after graduation.

With that said, graduation does occur, and students must be prepared for what happens after. This is one of the greatest takeaways I have from Jesse. Coming into Jesse, I had many ideas as to where I wanted to take my career: architecture, engineering, and ministry. I was unsure of my ability to understand the mathematics and concepts behind engineering, the organizational and artistic requirements of architecture, and the commitment and resolve needed to pursue a life of ministry. By the time I finished my education at Jesse Remington, I felt like I was prepared to pursue any one of these careers. I was guided through the complexities of engineering mathematics and ideas. Portfolios sparked that required organization that I didn’t have before. The art classes that are required based on the project learning style of Jesse Remington, sparked the artistic career in music and drawing that I have today. Chapels, mission trips, and overall teacher guidance encouraged me in my pursuit of the Lord and the desire to share His love to those around me. I confidently can say that Jesse Remington solidified many of the important qualities that I believe are necessary for life after high school and college. As of Wednesday, of this past week, by God’s grace, I am a licensed Engineer in Training in the state of Ohio since I passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam last Saturday. Much of my study habits, commitment to knowledge, and God given desire to work hard for His glory, were fostered by my mentors and piers at Jesse Remington.

Jesse Remington was the community where I best saw faith lived out. In my experience, it is easy to live a life where work and entertainment take the forefront and a life devoted to God can be a bit forgotten. I saw this happen to many people during college. It was hard to see people, myself included sometimes, get caught up in the day-to-day activities and forget to commit all that they are doing to the Lord and seek to glorify Him in everything. Jesse taught me that faith is more than just the “Mountain Top Experiences.” Jesse Remington felt like one of those experiences to me. It was amazing to be around so many Believers every day and have all your teachers care about more than just your academic education. They are committed to guiding students to glorify God and to fully enjoy Him forever! It is very hard to find a community similar to that which is found at Jesse Remington. It is unique, cultural, preparatory, respected, and inspirational. It is an education and experience to look back on and be reminded of the lessons that were taught.

When asked about how I decided to pursue engineering, much of my explanation revolves around my time at Jesse Remington. Those of whom I have described Jesse to have been amazed that a school of this sort exists. The main aspects of the school that stand out when I am describing it the school’s pursuit of God, the project learning, the hiking trips and the mission trips. Looking back and hearing about some of my college friend’s experiences with high school, I am, myself, astonished to be blessed to attend Jesse Remington.

Enrolling in Jesse Remington is one of the single greatest choices that my parents and I have ever made. It is a time that I look back on fondly. It is also a reason why I can look forward to the future fondly because I know that there are many circumstances that Jesse has prepared me for. Jesse Remington will always have my full support, recommendation, and love, as I pray that it has yours as well.

Thank you!"

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