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Anna ('24) focuses on important skills for Senior year and beyond

With her Senior year, Anna is focusing on important skills needed for a successful student and adult life. She is no longer putting off her homework to the last minute, and punctuality is very important to her. Anna has learned so much from the College and Career class from just a short couple of months, which emphasized the importance of prayer and the Bible through not only her teen life, but into her adult life as well. Anna has undertaken reading the entirety of the Bible this year! She has just started in Genesis and even in the short amount of time, she has learned so much through deeper study of the Bible.

Anna comments on how the diversity of classes offered at JRHS has brought joy to her life while also building life skills that she wouldn’t have had elsewhere. Anna says JRHS has been a family to her. “The bonds I’ve created are definitely closer than any other friends I’ve had in my life… It’s a biblical friendship because we connect through Christ,” she says.

This year, Anna has enrolled in the College Prep Humanities class, a big step for her. Even though the year is young, Anna insists that Mr. Philbrick is an influential and important teacher:

“He’s an example of how we as Seniors ought to be: we’re supposed to be playful and fun, but at the same time, serious when we need to be serious and strict; to be examples for younger students…”

If she could go back and tell her younger self anything about the next three years of her life, Anna says: “I would tell her that she’s going to learn so much, about life, about the Bible, and how much she will grow and change as a person,” As she prepares this year for graduation, she is hesitant to leave such a strong community, but JRHS has taught her the importance of the need for Christian community through the rest of her life.

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