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JRHS Students on Mission at Camp Sentinel

By Cheryl Crawford

At JRHS, we focus on developing many life skills in students grounded in a Biblical Worldview. We encourage students to pursue a diversity of skills that broaden the student’s experiences and ability and pursue leadership in areas of high-yield Kingdom work. These skills lead to a diverse and rewarding life with a Godly purpose. Over the summer, JRHS learned of two students, Mackenzie Chapman (Grade11) and Francesca Potenza (Grade 10), who took their developing skills to Camp Sentinel in Tuftonboro, NH. and represented the school with their burgeoning confidence, competence, and the love of Christ.

Mackenzie worked behind the scenes as part of the kitchen staff keeping the campers nourished and playing a key role in providing mentorship and structure for day-to-day operations. According to Tucker Van Brunt of Camp Sentinel, support staff play a key role in exemplifying servant leadership with the variety of duties they fulfill.

Mackenzie found the relationships she formed with other camp staff to be the highlight of her summer experience. These connections helped her strengthen her faith and develop her leadership abilities. She felt capable and ready to take on various responsibilities at the camp. Mackenzie’s care for the well-being of the campers demonstrates her missional heart. As she assisted support staff and completed her tasks; campers noticed the Love of God in the work she did - no matter the job!

Francesca was given the opportunity to be a counselor at Camp Sentinel. This job involved being a role model and helping young campers navigate their day. Tucker Van Brunt tells us, “Our counselors are instrumental in providing an anchor point for our campers during this transformational time at Sentinel.” Francesca created a fun-loving community where campers could thrive and dig deeper into their faith.

JRHS loves to see our students developing their missional mind-set. Both Mackenzie and Francesca prioritized their summer work to create a level playing field for the social development and well-being of those attending Camp Sentinel. And while their job descriptions were different, they equally contributed to creating an environment where campers could explore God’s love, discover new skills and at the same time grow in their own character and faith. Well done, Sentinels!

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