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Capturing the Moment with the Yearbook Project Class at JRHS

By Marissa Fuller, Faculty

Led by Nancy Palmer, the quarter three project class has been able to structure, edit, and fine-tune each page and text of this year’s yearbook to create a beautiful final product for our JRHS community to enjoy. The opportunity to allow our students to build such a project has been rewarding in several aspects. For instance, because of the editing and writing skills needed, students were able to expand their writing experience in a more professional capacity. They also were able to adapt to a collaborative environment and practice and develop their individual skills while still working in a group. According to one student, working together on the project built teamwork, and each member brought to the table different skill sets such as editing the grammar, choosing the best photo, choosing fonts, or aligning pictures with precision. Not only did they learn teamwork but the conversation amongst the team was edifying, especially as they reflected on this year’s mission trips. One student expressed how rewarding it was to talk about how God had developed several students over the course of just this year. These conversations created such a wonderful atmosphere among the yearbook team as they reflected on their school year experience through a biblical worldview.

Each project class possesses its own challenges, and the yearbook class’s primary challenge was meeting a strict deadline. One student remarked that Mrs. Palmer would even bring in special snacks each class to lighten the mood and alleviate any stress. Whether it was Dunkin Donuts pastries, McDonald’s milkshakes, or Chick-Fila nuggets, Mrs. Palmer always helped to create a calm and productive environment while maintaining fun fellowship time. Finally, the yearbook project class has earned a sense of accomplishment having finished an exceptional product that will be in the hands of nearly every JRHS community member. Over the course of this year, eight yearbook project class members have helped to produce the 2021-2022 yearbook. Through engaging themselves in academic and professional skills, these eight students have been able to benefit from the class in more ways than they even knew were possible, thus strengthening and expanding their abilities as a well-rounded JRHS student. What a privilege to be able to be a part of something lasting and memorable!

If you are part of our JRHS community, order your copy of the 2021-2022 yearbook today by sending your check payable to JRHS for $30/yearbook to the office. We know that you will be blessed to own your personal copy of these stored-up memories of this school year!

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