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Celebrating Marissa Fuller – Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership

This summer, our Spanish and English teacher, Marissa Fuller, has joined the ranks of our master’s degreed faculty. Enjoy this recent interview with Headmaster Jeff Philbrick.

1. Where did you get your undergraduate, and in what?

"I received my undergraduate from Crown College in Knoxville, TN, with a major in Secondary Ed. English and a minor in Music Ed."

2. Why did you go into teaching, and who inspired you in that direction?

"My decision to become a teacher stemmed from an admiration from the teachers who inspired me. In particular, my high school English teacher, Kay Messer, helped me to grow in my appreciation for learning. I was not sure which direction I would go, but when I worked at Mount Moriah Christian Camp in the summer of 2014, it was clear that God had impressed a desire to influence and teach high school students. After working at that same camp the following year, and having had experience with some hands-on student teaching at Temple Baptist Academy, I eagerly sought an opportunity to serve the Lord as a high school teacher. God providentially directed my path back home to NH. After teaching for four years at my own high school, the Lord opened up the doors to JRHS, and I am ever so glad that I have walked through!"

3. What has been one of the greatest things about teaching at JRHS?

"One of the greatest experiences at JRHS has been the community of believers that I am privileged to work alongside and partner with. The parents, students, and faculty have shaped me over my first year of my teaching here."

4. When did you decide to march on to the Master’s degree?

"When I was half-way through my second year of teaching, I wanted to pursue more education. After much consideration, I decided to begin the summer of 2018."

I decided upon Educational Leadership because I knew that this would give me a well-rounded scope of Christian education. However, I still wished to teach. Pensacola Christian College offered online and summer courses for teachers who were already established in their profession. Because of the flexibility of the courses, I began with the summer session programs initially and then added courses alongside my teaching schedule. In the summer of 2021, I completed my degree.

5. What was the emphasis of your Master’s study?

"My thesis was mission-focused and geared toward Christian school education. Over the two years of my work, I compiled a portfolio of all the major projects in each of my courses. This created a well-rounded scope of my professional development in the Education Leadership program. My overall skills as a teacher were developed, and my Christian philosophy and worldview expanded through an administrative lens."

6. How is your MA degree going to advance your Kingdom work?

"I plan to utilize what I have learned in perfecting my skills as a teacher, and I also hope to use my leadership skills which are still being developed as I serve. Teaching at JRHS has enabled me to creatively use my leadership skills that I have learned in the project classes as well as the classroom and OE experiences. I have learned that as a leader, I must be even more willing to learn and grow than those that I am leading. Thus, using those around you in the Christian community is a vital part of answering the call of teaching young people."



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