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Congratulations to our Sentinels Basketball Teams!

If you missed the Basketball finals this month, you missed some nail-biting, edge of your seat while holding your breath action, and losing your voice kind-of-night!

The Sentinel Girls team played in the Championship Game against Laconia Christian Academy. Both teams played their hearts out! We are so proud of our team for pushing through the tough competition and bringing home the 1st place trophy!

Our Boys team played in their Consolation Game against Mount Zion Christian Schools. This was another tough game where both teams gave it all they had and then some. The 4th Quarter was intense, and we are proud to say the JRHS Boys Sentinels team brought home the 3rd place trophy.

Thank you to all the players for your tenacity and dedication your team--qualities of a true Sentinel. We appreciate how you represented Jesse Remington High School throughout the season.

We will miss our graduating Seniors, Elizabeth Galatis and Keagan Morganthal. Thank you for being a part of the Sentinels Basketball Team for the past 4 seasons! We hope you still find time to shoot some hoops in college.

A very big THANK YOU goes out to our Coaches: Coach Anna, Coach Doug and Coach Stockin. We are grateful that you invested so much of your time and energy into our players. Thank you for a terrific season!

Lastly, thank you to all the fans who came and cheered your Sentinels on at our games! You guys were incredibly loud during both final games, and there's no doubt that the players felt that energy on the court. Thank you for all of your support.

We celebrated our Teams' accomplishments with a Pizza Party. As soon as we are able to gather together once again, we will have a friendly competition of a Student vs. Staff/Faculty/Coaches game. Stay tuned!

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