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Continuous Improvement: Two Year Accreditation Update

In May of 2018, Jesse Remington High School achieved its first ever national accreditation, from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Independent Schools. Many will remember the three-year worthwhile undertaking to identify strengths and weaknesses in the school, and to then set course to make positive change for a better tomorrow for JRHS. Every area of school life was rigorously studied and strengthened over the initial self-study. Our celebration as a newly accredited school was well-earned!

Leaving initial accreditation, we now enter into a phase of continual school improvement based upon the findings from the original accreditation process. Some of my readers who have been around for a few years can probably identify, maybe even “feel” some of the positive change that has resulted from the accreditation process. Examples include a stronger, more unified faculty; a documented curriculum that is more readily passed along to a new teacher or further developed; a safer school; improvements in technology; a stronger Board of Directors, and improvements in long-range planning.

Recently, at the ¼ mark of our accreditation cycle, we submitted our Two Year Report, which I am pleased to announce, we have received significant praise and reward! Here is a section of our recently received letter from the Commission:

“The Commission on Independent Schools of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges met on June 22-23, 2020 and reviewed the Two-Year Interim Evaluation Report submitted by Jesse Remington High School. It is a pleasure to write this letter. Your Report was accepted without reservation, and with notable praise. You submitted a comprehensive and exemplary Report. It demonstrates nicely your ongoing commitment to improving your School. The Commission notes that you already have a group up and running to work on responding to the recommendations from the Initial Accreditation visit.” ~ James Mooney, Deputy Director of The Commission on Independent Schools

Join me in prayer, supporting and working towards a better JRHS today than ever before. Let us give thanks for everything God has done to bring us this far, and now, starting the 29th year of our school, let us look forward to the great things God has for His faithful.

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