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Dreamers' Ranch Reflective Writing, by Adalie Kamerman

Dreamers Ranch, in Windham, New Hampshire gave us the opportunity to be Christian witnesses to their church, Crossing Church, and many children that joined the “Spring on the Farm Camp.” Although it was a local mission, I had many great experiences. My one big takeaway from this trip was working hard, even when I was tired and others were not as motivated. I realized that I can do any job with a good heart and I will be a witness of God to someone around me. I helped with a variety of jobs each morning, from assembling a greenhouse to putting in a goat fence to organizing a barn. In each of my jobs I was able to have a good attitude and contribute to the team.

Related to this, I also learned on this mission trip to have a good attitude and heart while working, even when others were struggling, and this will help everyone to keep going. It’s more important to worry about your own attitude than criticize others. If you are a good example all the time others will follow you in that right path. Being a light in every situation is our calling as Christians, and this mission trip was a great reminder to me to always be a light. I was a leader of the 5-7 years old kids camp, and there’s very little chance to have a deep conversation with a little kid. However, I could still be a great influence in their life just by showing that I cared for them. You do not need to have super deep conversations in order to bring people closer to Jesus. Even though those are extremely important to have, you always have to start by planting seeds of encouragement and love.

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