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Fall Mountain Retreat 2018 | Camp Shiloh

School is underway, the students are back and are already hard at work. Summer seemed to fly by! We had a wonderful Fall Mountain Retreat at Camp Shiloh in Jefferson, NH and students are preparing for the Humanities Faire to take place on October 19 -21. Our theme this year is the Colonial Era, where the story of our country’s providential history is going to come alive!

The Fall Mountain Retreat is a legacy event at JRHS, going back to our founding in 1992. In the early weeks of the fall semester, we prioritize three days in the White Mountains. It was my privilege to give the opening welcome this year, where I outlined the purpose of our retreat, “The Three C’s, growing in our Community, our walk with Christ, and our love and care of Creation."

Many of you know that Candia Congregational Church, the sponsoring organization of JRHS, is pleased to be led by Pastor Steve Baker, now just finishing his first year of ministry in our church and school. Pastor Steve was our retreat speaker this year. Steve keyed in on our school’s verse, Romans 8:37, which claims that through Christ, we are more than conquerors. We have included a photo card from the retreat, illustrating the “Hypernikomen” we put forth as not only a goal for the retreat, but also for every student this year. Hypernikomen is a Greek translation of “more than conquerors” from our school verse, which is the only place in the New Testament the word is used. It defines the surpassing victory available through a life in Christ.

Thank you for your interest in and support of JRHS. We cherish your prayer support. Those who support JRHS financially are an additional blessing and source of encouragement to our school families and to those who serve at JRHS. Whether large or small, your gifts matter! When you support JRHS you are playing an important role in the fulfillment of the mission. Thank you for the ways in which you bless our school.

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