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Jesse Remington on a Mission for the Gospel – March 28-April 7

By Mark Moran ('07)

Why does Jesse Remington High School (JRHS) do missions trips every year? It is part of the character development system designed to orient the students towards service to others. Sometimes God does a mighty work through us, and sometimes He does a mighty work in us. What is clear is He is always working. This year the school is sending missions teams to four different locations: Uganda, Hungary, Detroit and another here in NH. Each team is aligned with a purpose to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while serving the people in each of these communities.

The students are anticipating facing many challenges while on these mission trips. One such challenge will be traveling far away from family, many for the first time. Others are concerned over dietary restrictions in a foreign culture. Still others feel a sense of anxiety to be sharing the Gospel with strangers in unfamiliar cities and lands. In all these concerns “we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) The Lord will work through these apprehensions to develop more mature, faithful, and character-filled men and women.

We have seen God move in amazing ways every year! Annika Kamerman (’24), who served in Detroit last year and is returning this year, learned to value the work done behind the scenes encouraging the local church by doing necessary projects to support the ministry. Erin James (’24), heading to Budapest this year, grew in leadership while working with younger children at a local New Hampshire camp, which she feels has prepared her to share the Gospel in a foreign country this year. Silas Jeanes (’24), on the Uganda Team, has seen himself grow in generosity through the opportunities provided by previous years’ mission trips. Audrey Malynowski (’26) has never been on a mission trip before, but she is looking forward to the relationship building opportunities that will come from completing service projects at Camp Monadnock in southern NH. As the apostle James exhorts in his letter, “show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” These trips give the students the opportunity to learn this lesson through experience.

When these students return from their trips you can be sure you will hear about what God has done in and through them again. How He has taught them, increased their generosity, and provided through challenging situations. Most importantly, they will have seen how God can use them to share His love to those in need of it. Let’s keep all the teams in prayer in these final days of preparation!

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