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Jesse Remington Sharing the Gospel – Hungary

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

By Mark Moran (Class of 2007)

A team of 10 Jesse Remington High School (JRHS) students led by veteran teacher and alumna Susan Sicard, and long-time JRHS parent Sandy Cross, left this morning on mission to Hungary. They are headed to the town of Koiskoros where they will join forces with another well-known name, alumnus Nimrod Selmeczi, who is serving as a local youth pastor.

Twelve years ago, a similar team left the school’s campus in Candia bound for Hungary where they met Nimrod, then a passionate eighth grade student, who served as one of their primary translators. The Lord blessed the work, and JRHS was rewarded with a beautiful multi-cultural relationship, opening doors now more than a decade later. Having been invited back to Hungary at the request of Nimrod the students will be serving at the Filadelfia Elderly Home, Human Daycare Center, the local public high school, and leading a Good Friday event for the public.

The students will benefit from being immersed in the culture while staying with local Hungarian host families. Esther Cross (’24) is looking forward to developing international relationships and taking time to build her cultural awareness. She hopes the family with whom she will stay have younger children so she can invest time with them and speak the love of Jesus into their lives. Sharing meals with fellow Christians is a commandment given by Jesus on the night he was betrayed, and Esther looks forward to the opportunity to share this ancient and intimate tradition of our faith through means transcending language barriers.

Pray the Lord provides travel mercies and safety. That the Lord would strengthen and embolden them to speak the Truth. Ask the Lord to give them opportunities to share His love, and wisdom and discernment along the way!

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