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JRHS Sentinels Basketball Teams Prepare for Playoffs

By Theia James ('22)

The Basketball teams at Jesse Remington high school have learned a great deal over this season. We have all grown in our skill through the practices that occur at least once a week, and in our concentration during the games. Both the girls’ and the boys’ teams continue to work hard as we prepare for the upcoming playoffs. Basketball has many values, not only physically, but mentally as well. It teaches us perseverance as we strive to hone our skills and build our physical strength. It also teaches us teamwork, and how to rely on the other individuals on the team.

Both of the basketball teams have improved a great deal over this season. The boys’ team, led primarily by Coach Langlois, with the help of Coach Stockin, Mr. King, and Mr. Kneckt, has won several games, but has also experienced several defeats. The girls’ team, led by Coach Anna Philbrick, with the help of Coach Langlois, has also had a fairly even mix of wins and losses. Our coaches have taught us a multitude of skills in practices, as well as helping us improve the skills we already have. We have improved our shooting and dribbling skills through several drills, as well as working on our defense.

Throughout this basketball season, I have learned a great deal about both perseverance and teamwork. During a tough practice, whether it is a harder workout than normal, or if I keep missing my shots, I have to remember to persevere and not give up on myself. Through this, I have learned the value of encouraging one another through the tough practices. It is much easier to have confidence in myself when others are helping me along, and I have noticed that we all work harder when we are encouraging one another. This has shown me the value of having a strong community. When everyone helps each other through the hard practices, we are all encouraged and motivated to keep working.

Over this season, the basketball teams have grown in skill, as well as perseverance and teamwork. We look forward to a good end of the season as we prepare for playoffs!

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