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JRHS Timber Frame #47 standing tall and proud

On a late June weekend, the JRHS team of timber frame students, faculty and parents ventured north to raise this year’s project – a 12x20 traditional frame in Jackson, NH. This year’s project was for Dan Philbrick, brother of our Headmaster, Jeff Philbrick. Dan and his wife Lisa have a home in Jackson, and this particular frame is interesting in that a back portion of it will be used as a sauna for the winter skiers!

The project began back in October when the team took their first look at the drawing, and began all the joinery layout. They worked two afternoons a week during the Project Based Learning time, forming all the mortises and tenons. By Christmas time, almost half of the parts were made. In April and May, the second half of the project came hard, in that scheduling work crews during Covid was a bit more challenging. With the usual JRHS “let’s get it done” attitude, the team made the deadline.

This year, the team travelled as families, and utilized the local campgrounds for the overnight accommodations. This project had all kinds of fun built into it, as the crew enjoyed the great north woods for fishing, swimming, hiking and golfing. By Sunday evening, the end of day three, JRHS Timber Frame #47 was standing tall and proud, another significant accomplishment for these fortunate students.

This year’s team included: Davis Palmer, Jacob Comrie, Isaac Nicholson, Joey Philbrick, Lukkas Hyvonen, Jesse King, Robbie and Tom Guptill,  and several parents, staff and friends. Great job team! 

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