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Reflections from Team Detroit

"This mission has had a great start. I have learned so much about work, specifically teamwork. I’ve learned about God and about leadership. I am working in the basement of Redeemer church, and I am repainting a stairwell. I thought I knew how to paint before, but this space has challenged me in all sorts of ways. The space is hard to access, and I am having to learn how to be creative and not afraid to try new and different ways of painting. I am the student leader of the stair project, so I have also had to learn how to try and manage a crew. I have had one student with me the whole time who has been an amazing help but other than her I have had so many different people with different experience levels and I have had to learn to work through that. God is teaching me to rely on Him and not to get frustrated; even when the work is going slow, and it feels as if I am getting nowhere. God is incredible and He uses all different sorts of experiences to teach His people." -Audrey '26

"Going into this year’s mission, I was experiencing quite a bit of stress from various occurrences, these stresses even made me question whether it was in the best interest for me to even come on the mission to begin with. Now here, I can see this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. So far this mission trip has truly been such a wonderful change of perspective that has honestly greatly strengthened my faith. I especially liked when Pastor Jon and Pastor DeMyron took us on a spiritually engaging tour around the city of Detroit, in which we visited several different monumental places and even prayed over a couple of them. This tour was truly eye opening for me in the sense that I got to see God moving in a way I have never seen before. Aside from the tour I, have enjoyed the opportunity to work with people I normally don’t, which has been quite the bonding experience. It makes it even more important knowing that we are bonding over the spreading of God’s love to a community that most of us have never encountered before. Overall this week has been a truly wonderful experience for me and my peers." -Christy '27

"This has been my first time ever experiencing a mission trip.  When I first flew in the plane with my Detroit team, I didn’t know what to expect. Because all of my trips so far have been me moving from country to country with my family, but now I have a mission for God, and it is not what I want, but what God wants, and how I can serve him and His people. My first night staying here in the big old church in the city, I was quite anxious. My Team gave me great confidence and courage to embrace the experience. I have greatly enjoyed working with the DCS Kids, a part of ministry I most love – a GREAT experience! Learning about the Church and ministries of Jonathan and DeMryon was profound. They challenged me to love people more unconditionally." -Hannah '27

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