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Senior Feature: Annika Rairdon

Annika Rairdon from Chester transferred into JRHS as a junior. She quickly became part of the community and experienced growth in many areas of life. Reflecting on her two years she can see the value in the Bible classes. The material really made her think, and she was thankful to have time dedicated to thinking and considering these important matters. The mission trip to Uganda this spring was a stretching experience. “It was hard not knowing what to expect in different circumstances and through this she grew in trusting and turning to God in uncertain times”. John 15:5 is meaningful to Annika and “is a reminder of the importance of staying connected to the Vine, Christ, for without him we can do nothing”. She sees that her class is lively, and they value relationships with each other. Next fall Annika will be attending New England College to study Nursing and is looking forward to living out her faith in this profession.

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