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Smyth Memorial Building – a campus expansion for Jesse Remington High School


The Town of Candia established the Smyth Public Library in 1932, utilizing a substantial donation from the widow of Frederick Smyth, governor of New Hampshire, born and raised in our beautiful town of Candia. This lovely building, at 194 High Street, has sat vacant and unused for nearly 20 years. In partnership with the Town, Jesse Remington High School has created a path forward to upgrade the building, making it available for school and community groups. It will continue to be owned by the Town, used by JRHS during the school day.

Location and Purpose

The Smyth building sits prominently in the middle of our campus, in close proximity to the Church and Schoolhouse classrooms. It will offer two very nice classrooms, a break room and bathroom, and a nice meeting room. The architecture of the building lends itself to an excellent learning space, inspiring, open and ample natural light. As a former library, it will serve as ideal space for Humanities, History, Literature, English, Bible, Music and Art courses where a main part of the learning process involves writing, dialogue, analyzing or creating.

2021 into the Future

Adding this building to JRHS is advantageous in two ways. First, we can offer a better education to our students. This will become the largest classroom on campus, giving us the option to not use some of our smaller, less effective rooms. Secondly, JRHS will now have two sections of campus with space to grow into a larger student enrollment. The long stated enrollment of 50 students can now be achieved and surpassed.

Shared Space

Another part of this plan is that we get to bless others with our investment, as various town groups will use the building for their functions as well. As the town has been accommodating to JRHS over the years, we now get to give back.


Frederick Smyth was governor from 1865-1867. Throughout his life, he was a significant benefactor of his hometown of Candia, particularly in the establishment and support of a public library. In 1888 he funded a library initially housed in a home on High Street. Upon the death of the Governor, his wife donated money for the building of a new library. According to the announcement of its opening in 1932, this building was “skillfully and intelligently designed as to meet all the requirements of our library needs”. This was the case for many years. Approaching 2000, the need for expansion was obvious, and our new public library was built near the 4 Corners and opened in 2002. We think Mr. Smyth would be quite pleased to know his gift is being used and appreciated - into the next century.


1932 – Governor Smyth’s gift, and the library opens

Librarians: George Cass, Elizabeth Peterson, Edna Brown, Joyce Snow, Jon Godfrey

2002 – Library services are moved to the new Library

2002-2021 – Smyth Memorial Building awaits a new vision and purpose

- Earns the status “National Register of Historic Places”

- Roof and window restorations led by Trustees

Summer 2021 – Proposed Renovation

2021 and forward– New purpose and use!

2032 – Smyth Memorial Building Centennial Anniversary

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