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Team Detroit is off to a great start with Mission 2024

This is our third consecutive year serving at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Today was our “get-going day”, opening up all the many projects that we will (hopefully!) finish this week. We are primarily working in the main fellowship hall of the church, the very large downstairs rooms of the church that (with a little more TLC) can accommodate great ministry. Today included work tasks as varied as painting, drywall finishing, replacing drop ceilings, light electrical and more. With any great work project, there is always plenty of demolition and cleanup! 

Part of our day today was a special trip to “Palmer Park” to observe the near-total Solar Eclipse. Here in Detroit, we were in the 99% band at 3:14. After enjoying that for a few minutes we celebrated with a highly competitive game of full contact whiffle ball! 

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