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Team Hungary Checks in from Budapest

By Susan Sicard

The Hungarian Mission team has safely arrived and is settling nicely into their host families. The team was greeted at the airport by Nimrod and the Pastor of the church. While in Budapest the team stopped and walked around the area of the Parliament building and Hero’s square.

The students are staying in groups of two with church families and are quickly making friends with the host siblings. All are well and are thankful for hospitality of their families.

Saturday the Youth group spent the day with our team. The goal was helping to build relationships and learn about Hungarian history. The area in and around Kiskőrös is an agricultural area. There are miles and miles of flat fields. The soil in this area is very sandy and thus grapes and wheat are a very common crop. On our journey to Székesfehérvár we were able to see these fields and in the distance the mountains that surround this area. The city of Székesfehérvár, is an ancient roman city where the kings of Hungary were crowned. After a fun time of bowling with the youth group, we walked around the medieval part of the city. Seeing a baroque church and the ruins of the Roman Basilica where the king crowing took place. Traveling just a little in the town we explored a Bory Castle, where the youth group taught us about some of their kings.

Upon arriving back to Kiskőrös, the group enjoyed good fellowship and Hungarian ping pong in the youth room of the church.

Today we are looking forward to attending Kiskőrös Baptist Church and taking part in the town’s Agricultural Expo this afternoon.

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