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Team Hungary Mission Trip Update

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

By Susan Sicard

The Hungary Team is ready for takeoff! The eager mission travelers gathered at school Thursday evening. Big "Thank you" to Vylett and Ed Cross who drove our team to the airport. This team is excited to join Alum Nimrod Selmeczi in Hungary. We will be serving with youth and elderly people. Here are some of the things the team are excited to experience:

"I am so excited to be on my first mission trip after being involved with JRHS since 2005! I’m excited to see Budapest and learn about the history of Hungary. I’m looking forward to connecting with real families and experience real life with them for the week, and to make lots of memories with Susan and all 10 of “my kids”! Sandy “Mama” Cross

"I am excited to arrive in Hungary and meet my host family, and Pastor Nimrod’s youth group. I am looking forward to touring Budapest with the youth group and getting to know the people we are staying with better." ~ Erin J.

"I am looking forward to meeting the youth group we will be working with is going to be very exciting. They seem so happy to see us and get to know who we are. I’m exited to go bowling and connect with them as we tour Budapest. I am also exited to frolic through the country." ~ Anna L.

"I am super excited to lead the youth event on Friday and worship with new people! Singing with them is going to be interesting since we will be singing in two different languages at once, which will also be super cool. Worshiping can break any barrier, including language barriers! I am also excited to frolic alongside Anna and the group :)." ~ Esther C.

"I am excited to look around and learn about the different culture we are coming into. I am happy I get to meet new people and maybe even learn some Hungarian. We are excited to frolic with each other and make new friends." ~ Josilyn

"I am excited to meet my host family and give them gifts." ~ Isaiah C.

"I’m very excited to experience not just everyday life, but Christian culture outside of America!" ~ Gavin D.

"I am looking forward to meeting and spending time with the youth group kids. It will be interesting to see what life is like for them." ~ Jack R.

"I’m looking forward to developing new relationships and learning about a culture I have never experienced before." ~ Jacob C.

"I am looking forward to interacting with the youth and am excited to share in some sports with them." ~ Joey P.

"I am looking forward to meeting my host family and working with the older people on this trip." ~ Blake T.

"This is a special trip for me and I am looking forward to serving with Nimrod in his hometown." ~ Mrs. Sicard

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