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The Jesse Remington High School Semester Portfolio

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

By Marissa Fuller, Faculty Member

As this 2021 Fall semester comes to a close, students are arduously dedicating themselves to their portfolio assignments. Portfolios are a unique and rewarding assessment which grant students the opportunity to articulate all that they have learned in each of their classes through several papers and accumulative examinations. The deadlines for each class portfolio are different for each class, teaching students to be mindful of their time management—a skill which will be useful throughout all of life.

Alumni at Jesse Remington have come back to share that their experience with these semester portfolios have greatly prepared them for college. One alumnus has regarded these portfolios by expressing,

“When you look back at your work, you are amazed at the growth of your academic development. Learning time management during portfolios has helped me manage my time now as a young adult. I also learned how to persevere and work quickly in short periods of time under pressure. Knowing how to write a paper by using an outline, rough drafts and then finalizing a paper has been essential to my success at college. Feeling comfortable talking one on one with my teachers as Jesse Remington gave me confidence to advocate for myself in the college setting.” – Amanda Crawford

Being academically challenged during their high school years has greatly emphasized the value that portfolios possess for the next stage of life. In addition to college preparation, these portfolio assessments have allowed students to grow in their personal development. For instance, one of their portfolios is structured to have students reflect upon their growth as a Jesse Remington student, thereby keeping the school mission in the forefronts of the students’ minds in hopes to add value and purpose to their present time in high school. Having students appreciate the growth they receive in their academic formation will encourage them to continue to pursue learning. These Fall portfolios in particular give incentive to finish well what was started in the beginning of the school year.

Not only do students benefit from these portfolio assessments, but the teachers do as well. During this week and a half, teachers and students share a one-on-one half-hour session reviewing their portfolio work. This time is invaluable to their formative relationship as teacher and student. Students receive suggestions and aid without distraction while teachers guide students toward success in meeting the criteria of their portfolios. Moreover, teachers instill a sense of accomplishment as they encourage students on their progress.

Portfolios end the semester in such a way that encapsulates the academic mission of the school. Furthermore, at the end of four years at Jesse Remington, students will have completed 8 portfolios reflecting the progress they have achieved in their academic career at Jesse Remington. Capitalizing on each class’s objectives helps students to meet these goals through comprehensive criteria that expects the most out of their academic performance.

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