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The Most Elegant Baseball Dugouts in America!

How many of us have childhood memories playing baseball or softball. Do you remember the dingy, dark and dirty dugout that had about as much style as a kennel, and as much character as a prison!

Well, not so in the future of Candia Youth Athletic Association baseball, thanks to the partnership between JRHS and CYAA, who have been teaming up this fall to put up one of a kind timber framed baseball dugouts for the new fields at CYAA.

Headmaster Jeff Philbrick and Fields Director Tim Wallace put together their experience to build some extraordinary structures over a couple weekends in November. Volunteers from both organizations worked together to finish the frames, which began this past April. The crews faced some wild weather ranging from rain to snow to wind and sun, but through it all, the project is moving along real well.

Next spring, Little Leaguers from all over the area will be the first young athletes to use the new dugouts. What a great story this has been.

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