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Tuesday's Reflections from Team Hungary

By Susan Sicard

Here are some reflections from the students in Hungary about their experience thus far in the school and with their host families. You will notice some common themes.

I really enjoyed going to the school and meeting some new people and making friends. The people have been very kind and understanding with us. - Josilyn

I really enjoyed having conversations with the students at the school. I was able to learn more information about Hungary and share information about life in the United States. It was very cool to see the Hungarian students so interested in the JRHS students and our school as a whole. - Blake

The host families have been one of the best experiences of the trip. The food has also been really great. The more we spend time with the family the more comfortable they are getting with us. One of the nights we asked to do a devotion with the family, we read the Bible in English, then our family read it in Hungarian. After we read the verse, we talked about it through Google translate, it was so great to discuss the Bible together even though we don’t speak the same language and come from complete different parts of the world. - Anna

I had a great time getting to play sports and hang out with kids my age and just seeing what it’s like to be a teenager in Hungary - Jack

Monday and Tuesday we worked in the local high school to help students in their English class. This is my favorite thing we have done so far because it was so fun talking with the kids and learning about them. Once they got comfortable, we were able to interact better and see their personality and humor. Tuesday was the best day in the school for me because my interactions with them were funny and I will never forget them. I was so sad when I realized we had finished our last class with them, and I hope I can see the people again one day. - Esther

I have made many friends. Our host family is extremely hospitable, and the food is amazing. - Jake

Getting to know our host family has been one of my favorite experiences from this week so far. We have eaten meals and played games with our family after school and in the mornings. I have also enjoyed getting to experience and learn more about their culture, food, and life while sharing about my life back home. - Erin

We were able to experience handball today. It is a very interesting sport and very physical. It was fun to watch a sport in person that I have never seen before. Also, the food is also amazing - Joey

The food keeps getting better. I had fun playing soccer at the school, and getting to know my host family better- Isaiah

Within the last two days I had the chance to experience life outside of America. I really liked eating Somlói for the first time with my host family and hanging out with the Hungarian youth group. I thought this was valuable to me because it meant being in fellowship with people I haven’t known for very long. – Gavin

Now our ministry work shifts from working with teenagers to serving at the local Elderly Home and Day program center for adults.

The pictures are from our day at school and our walk around the town center of Kiskoros.

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