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We are pleased to announce Miss Rachael Bailey to the JRHS Faculty!

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the JRHS Faculty, Miss Rachael Bailey. Rachael will be working in many capacities, primarily in English teaching, Project leadership and Outdoor Education. Rachael is a 2017 graduate of the wonderful Houghton College, the same fine institution that brought us Mr. Jacob Samuelson. Rachael graduated with a dual major, one in Psychology, and one in Outdoor Recreation.

Miss Bailey brings a range of skills and experiences to JRHS, including EMT certification, Wilderness First Responder, Lifeguard Instructor as well as CPR and AED certifications. While at Houghton College, Rachael served as a leader on the “Highlander Wilderness Adventure”, a two week orientation adventure for incoming students. She took this training to a new level when she worked for “Wilderness Inquiry” as a summer intern. Most recently, she has enjoyed life out west, working at a Youth Ranch in Colorado, and then as a wrangler at a ranch in Wyoming. She also points to a semester-long course in Tanzania that helped shape her collegiate years.

Rachael will be on campus late summer 2018, and looks forward to bringing her many and diverse skills to bear at JRHS. Her plans include enrolling for a master’s program at UNH within a year.

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