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We're on a Mission! Meet our JRHS 2024 Mission Trip Teams.

Thank you to all who've supported our missionaries as we take the Gospel and our God-given talents to do His work near and far. Our teams begin departing on Friday, April 5th and returning by Sunday, April 12th. Here is what they've shared with us so far:


"My name is Carter Woodrow and I am a Junior this year at Jesse Remington. I am going on the Costa Rica mission trip this year. We will be going to San Jose Costa Rica and we will be partnering with Christ for the City International. Most of our ministry throughout the week will be in 2 main areas, La Carpio and Tirrasses. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will be going to La Carpio and working at a community center. We will primarily be doing children's and teen ministry these days. We will also be partnering with New Horizons, and we will be playing soccer with teens as well as doing a Bible study with them. The girls on our trip will be working with a program called Refuge, doing women's and girl's ministry of all sorts. On Tuesday and Friday we will be in Tirrasses doing men’s ministry as well as teaching English classes. I am most looking forward to playing soccer in La Carpio with the boys in Costa Rica. This will not only be fun but also help us build relationships with them so that we can be a better witness to them for Christ. Through this trip I hope to improve my Spanish, get to know another culture, improve my relationships with friends at school, and most importantly improve my relationship with God as well as to be used by God for his glory in sharing the gospel with an area in Costa Rica that needs it."


"Hi, I’m Silas Jeanes, a senior here at Jesse Remington High School. One of my favorite things about school is the opportunity to go on missions trips. This year my team and I are traveling to San Antonio, Texas. On this trip we are going to be working with BluePrint Ministries. What’s special about this ministry is that they work to improve and renovate the homes of those in need. Whether their home renovation couldn’t be finished because of the health of the homeowners, or they cannot afford to fix their house, BluePrint gives us the opportunity to finish and fix their houses for them. I think this is really exciting as I always have loved hands on work, and it’s a great way to bless the community in need."


"I am on the Detroit team and this year Jesse is returning to work with Redeemer Presbyterian Church. We will help renovate their space for their growing school program that needs more space to accommodate all the children. It is a work-focused mission that will use work to worship God and glorify him. Something I am looking forward to seeing on this mission is watching as the team forms; seeing each individual become a part of the team that is working toward the common goal of glorifying God."~Audry Malynowski


"Hi, my name is Mackenzie Chapman. I am on the Purposeful Connections missions team and we are going to Bangor Maine for our missions trip. There we will be helping at a school that has 7-12th graders forming bonds and showing them the love of Christ. This will help us to grow our missional abilities and community building with these students."



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