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JRHS appoints Susan Wilderman as “Director of Curriculum and Instruction”

We are pleased to announce a newly created position at Jesse Remington High School– Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Headmaster Philbrick has fulfilled this role since the inception of the school and now is blessed to hand it off to Susan Wilderman. Susan has proven through her daily excellent pursuit of fulfilling the JRHS mission that she is more than qualified to do this job. Susan is “JR Through and Through”, as a 2002 graduate of JRHS, and now having taught for 15 years in the math and science departments, Susan is ready to take on leadership.

The Director of Curriculum and Instruction will lead in curriculum, data, accreditation student evaluation, and faculty development. She will lead the effort of continual improvement in all educational areas of the school in a way that allows the faculty and staff to flourish and to facilitate the charge to challenge and educate students within the framework of a Biblical worldview while leading them to a personal faith and transformed life in Jesus Christ. Susan will be challenged to provide leadership and educational strategies and measurement based on the mission and vision of Jesse Remington High School. As the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Susan will be responsible for designing, implementing, and measuring educational outcomes and activities.

With Mr. & Mrs. Philbrick
Susan Wilderman JRHS Class of 2002

Susan graduated from Geneva College with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Environmental Science. While in her early years as a teacher at JRHS, she then went on to earn her master’s degree in Natural Resources. In preparation for this article, we asked Susan to reflect upon this new position:

"Having been shaped as a student by JRHS, I am fully committed to the importance of learning within a Christian Community! I am looking forward to mentoring teachers to help them grow and develop in their teaching, which I prayer will help students flourish in their learning. Also, I hope to utilize my organizational skills to continue documenting our progress in curriculum for accreditation purposes which will in turn increase the culture of teacher development that results in our continued growth as educators. It will be my goal to increase our understanding of the value of the different learning experiences that make JRHS a unique and distinctive academy of profound learning."

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