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JRHS Humanities Faire: What, When, Where, Why

The Annual Humanities Faire is the original and oldest project developed at JRHS. It began in the fall of 1993 with the Medieval Faire. It is a research and role-playing outdoor presentation which culminates on a glorious weekend in October. Every student who has ever attended JRHS can point back to the profound experiences the Humanities Faire provided for them. It is truly a legacy project for our school.

The students create scripts, games, activities, sets and costumes. The Stage Show, which runs twice per show day, is an impressive overview of society and culture, all hand-crafted by the students. Their ideas flow from their research, as well as the synergy from the group process.

We hold repeating shows over three days, giving the students the opportunity to showcase their work, and grow in their presentation skills. The three shows offer everyone the opportunity for their extended family and friends to come enjoy the event, providing yet another marketing and promotion event for JRHS. The location is the Candia Congregational Church Parsonage, also known as Jesse Remington’s Farm, which he build in the early 1800’s.  The dates and times of the presentations are as follows:

Friday October 19th: 9:30-12:30

Saturday October 20th: 1:00-4:00

Sunday October 21th: 1:00-4:00

We set a modest annual cost each year for the events, and all proceeds cover the costs of the project, and any proceeds help us meet the development goals of JRHS.

In 2018, we are bringing back the “Ye Old Country Dinner and Dance” event on Saturday evening from 5:30-8:30. This will be a potluck dinner provided by all, and featuring the “Caravan Band” from Sandwich, NH to teach and lead fiddle dancing. Great fun for all ages! Our plan is for the participants to cover the cost of the band, and towards that, we will take a free-will offering at intermission. This event is outdoors, at the Joy Pavilion, across the street from the Farm.

The Faire is unique in that all three components of our mission are available through this one event:

  • Christian community – working together, succeeding together, struggling together, persevering together – all for a common cause and reward

  • Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding – their classroom learning, combined with their project work is bringing a treasure chest of wealth into their minds and hearts

  • Leadership training – every day on this project, there are copious opportunities for young leaders to step out and hone their skills

There are five themes that we use on a rotating basis: Ancient World, Medieval/Renaissance, Colonial, Victorian, and Twentieth Century. Students research and present various aspects of society, and represent famous people from the era. Several students role-play 2 or more characters, and area children/youth are accessed for additional roles. Several faculty members take on roles as well.

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