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JRHS welcomes Ms. Ellie Philbrick ('19) to the Faculty team!

JRHS is excited to announce that Ms. Ellie Philbrick (Class of 2019) has joined the Faculty team! Ellie is a recent graduate of Wheaton College, graduating summa cum laude with a Christian Education and Spiritual Formation major. She also earned a certificate in Human Needs and Global Resources.

Most of Ms. Philbrick’s professional work experience has been in ministry helping women in crisis, particularly crisis pregnancy, drug abuse and sexual exploitation. Ms. Philbrick added, “ Last year I had the opportunity to serve vulnerable women in Costa Rica by helping them find healing in Christ from sex trafficking and prostitution. While there, I also taught ESL and Bible classes in Spanish to adolescent girls in a rehabilitation home. I am certified as an ESL teacher through World Relief and love to help new students adapt well to a new culture by learning the language. I am passionate about discipling and teaching this generation of youth to be well-rounded, capable, enthusiastic leaders for Christ in whatever field of study they choose.”

In her free time you may find Ms. Philbrick mentoring young women in the faith, dancing, learning languages, exercising, caring for the family’s farm animals, and playing piano to accompany her siblings or in church.

Ms. Philbrick is looking forward to engaging in Spanish conversation with the JRHS upperclassmen in preparation for ministry life in the Spanish speaking world. She’s also eager to help students do their best with time management skills, and encourage them to keep up with their assignments. In conclusion she adds, “ I would love to grab coffee and fellowship with you any time - always reach out!”

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