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Senior Feature: Nathan Archambault

Nathan Archambault has always enjoyed whatever he is doing in the moment, whether it be playing on the worship team or jumping in the air after a long JRHS hike and diving into some body of water! Nate enjoys the life God has given him, and more importantly, he has been able to live with a grateful heart through these years at Jesse Remington. His passions to live to the fullest with the life God has given him is even contagious to those around him.

The project classes that were hands-on were his niche during his four years at JRHS, and these classes built in him his ability to work hard at whatever he is tasked to do. From trying drama class for the first time to Timber Framing or Leather Crafting, he always has used the creative mind God has given him to enhance his talents. After he graduates, Nate will continue to use his innovative mind through being a plumber and a handyman.

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