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And the Winner is…… “Hypernikomen”!

Thanks to everyone who played our game, “Name that Van”. Of the 8 Greek words we considered to name and claim our new van, Hypernikomen garnered the greatest number of votes. Aldelphos and Logos were close behind, so, for vans of the future….

Hypernikomen is the Greek word translated into English as “to be more than conquerors” or “to gain surpassing victory”. Romans 8:37, which is the JRHS School verse, is the only place in all of Scripture where the word appears, and some of the earliest views of the text show a cross drawn after the word. Anybody can learn to be a conqueror, but few can become “more than Conquerors” through the love and work of Jesus Christ in our lives!

Parsing up the word is fun and illustrative. First we have “hyper”, which suggest excessively energetic. It makes me think of when my children were young and the first snowflakes of the year appeared! Next, we hear “Nike”. The athletic company did its research pretty well, naming themselves after the Greek goddess of Victory. So, if we put these two parts together, we get “Over the top Victory.” But there’s more, next we hear “omen”, which leads us to a significant occurrence, or phenomenon. When we put all three parts together, we get “Over the top Victory in all the significant occurrences and phenomena that come my way.” In other words, the JRHS Student is “Hypernikomen” – more than a Conqueror. What a GREAT name for a new van!

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