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Day One, Year Thirty One

Tuesday, August 30, 2022
31st Annual Convocation Night

The first days of school of the 2022-2023 school year was a grand success - Praise God! Thursday morning each student had their Orientation by class. Then, we put the ball on the field for this year’s Humanities Faire – The Ren/Ref Faire. Students were oriented to the 16th Century, and introduced to the five cities that will frame this year’s faire: Rome, Wittenberg, Geneva, Paris and London.

After a wonderful picnic lunch on Rivendell Lawn where old acquaintances merged with new friends, students began the annual Campus Stewardship Day rituals. Each student was on a team and had a list of tasks to accomplish, led by a faculty member. The campus has never looked better!

Then, Friday morning, Pastor Steve Baker opened the Chapel year, accompanied by some older members of the Praise Band. For the balance of the morning, the students had their first three classes of the year: Spanish, Humanities, Math. Our newest acquisitions to the Faculty, Martha James and Nancy Catano, led their first JRHS classes! In conclusion, an awesome start to the year!

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