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God is Building His Schools!

Headmaster Philbrick recognizes startup Crossing Life Academy, Windham NH

At the Granite State Christian Schools Association Annual Awards Banquet, JRHS Founder and Headmaster, Jeff Philbrick was blessed to recognize and award NH’s new startup Christian School, Crossing Life Academy. Philbrick, who started JRHS as a 24 year old in 1992, has recently been helping Alex and Evelyn Madden form the base for the new Academy. Now at the end of CLA’s first quarter of operation, Jeff was pleased to honor their work – and God’s calling – by giving them the “Timothy Award” which recognizes teachers or leaders in the early part of their career. Alex and Evelyn are very deserving of this award for their tireless preparation to form CLA.

When giving the award, Headmaster Philbrick showed how God is writing a great story. It began with Wes and Cheryl Shattuck entrusting the education of their two girls, Emily and Kallee to an emerging JRHS in the mid 2000’s. In the recent years, the Shattuck clan has joined Crossing Life Church and has been supportive of the formation of the Academy. Emily was instrumental in introducing Alex and Evelyn to Jeff, who was able to share his experiences with the Jesse startup and some best practices to guide. During the startup phase, Mark and Kallee Moran were away from NH on Mark’s deployment, but now they too are helping both schools as Mark is back in NH earning a MA degree in Education.

At the Awards banquet, baby Reagan was part of the festivities, causing Jeff and Kate to reminisce that they too were holding an newborn in the first months of JRHS. Now, “baby” Thomas is 30 years old with a baby of his own!

God is always writing His story, using the faithful servants as His main players. May the Lord bless the CLA folks as they begin their journey, and JRHS for helping them along!



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