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Greetings from Team Detroit

All is well - in fact, all is really well! Today we had a very diverse day, filled from sun up to well beyond sundown with ministry, education, and cultural experience. We began our day on our work teams, and now by mid-week, the crew is getting more capable and independent. In fact, we are experiencing that rare “ahead of schedule” mission trip phenomenon, and we are therefore working with missionaries James and Abe to open up more work. 

Other highlights of the morning included enjoying recess with the DCS kiddos, and enjoying chocolate chip cookies from Sarah and Gideon. And then, THE afternoon began: 

First, we enjoyed a few hours an an American treasure, “The Ford Museum of Innovation.” Each traveler toured to their fancy around the acres of exhibits. We were able to see and experience the remarkable collection of American ideas, inventions, creativity and accomplishments! 

In the evening, we were treated to a city tour and prayer walk from Pastors DeMyron and Jonathan. We learned their heart for the city, and joined them in praying for their people and their ministries as we experienced the many facets of the new and growing Detroit. We learned of the city’s prominence in the 1930’s, with the booming automobile industry. From one of the world’s largest and most wealthy cities, to the collapse of the 1960’s, Detroit has gone through much change. Today, several indicators point to significant growth and development in many areas. Redeemer Presbyterian Church has a vision to factor prominently in the rebirth of the city. 

We concluded our tour at the first Presbyterian church founded in Detroit, by Pastor Monteith in the 19th century. Similar to our Pastor Remington, Detroit Christian School can point back to this great leader for namesake inspiration. 

No city outing would be complete without the essential conclusion at the Cake Shop! 

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