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JRHS Board Member visits Student Parents and KWICS in South Korea

Martha Bacon, a member of our board and alumni parent, recently had an opportunity to accompany her husband on a business trip to Korea. While they were staying in the same area as the families of two of our international students, she decided to take the opportunity to meet with them. With Melody’s (JRHS Senior) help and the use of Google Translate, the two groups were able to communicate! Martha was able to meet the parents of two JRHS sophomores, James and Austin.

James’ and Austin’s parents then accompanied the Bacon's on a visit to the Korea Wales International Christian School--the school that sent students to the Summer English Language Camp at JRHS. Upon arrival they met with the Headmaster, Daniel Sung, and his English teacher in the Headmaster’s office. After tea and an overview of the school’s ministry, everyone in the group was treated to a bountiful, delicious meal at a nearby restaurant owned by a student’s parents. The group returned to the school for a tour of the facilities and took advantage of the beautiful fall foliage as a backdrop for photographs.

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