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Restoring Pastor Jesse Remington's Gravestone

In 1815, the body of Pastor Jesse Remington was laid to rest in the Hill Cemetery behind the church he loved by the people of that church who loved him. Only 55 years old, his 25 years of ministry had impacted his congregation in dramatic ways. Historian James H. Fitts declared, ” It is to be hoped that the people of Candia who owe so much of their character to the influence of his instructions will erect some more suitable monument over his final resting place to tell those who shall come after of his virtues.” That became a reality in 1992 with the opening of Jesse Remington High School. The stone marking his grave has been visited by students over the years, but it had gradually taken on a coat of lichens that by 2019 made the reading of the inscriptions nearly impossible.

Armed with mild soapy water and toothbrushes, Elissa Colombo, class of 2020, and Diane (Gramma) Philbrick set out to restore the writing on the stone. The Restoration Team softened the lichens with warm water and soon the coarse outer growth yielded to their soft brushes. Great care was taken to not abrade the slate surface. They used toothbrushes to remove crusted lichens from the excellently crafted lettering. Elissa and Diane were astonished at their own success! Even the smallest of the inscription print could now be easily read.

Jesse Remington’s legacy continues as lives are impacted by the school that bears his name. As declared on his gravestone, our school “ faithfully discharges the duties of the gospel and advocates the doctrines of grace”.

Sic transit gloria mundi


to the memory of


late pastor of the

Church of Christian Candia

who died March 3, 1815, in the

55, year of his age, and 25 of his


In the discharge of the duties of a gospel minister he

was eminently faithful, and an able advocate of the

doctrines of grace, which consoled him in life, and

supported him in the hour of death.

To us his flock his death doth speak,

Be wise in time your Savior seek,

He knows his own, he makes them blest,

They die in peace in Heaven they rest.

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