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Senior Feature: Grace Jacott

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Grace Jacott of Chester NH is a four year student, and by her reckoning, that's about 1736 hours of learning at Jesse Remington High School! Academically gifted, musically talented and loves to have fun, Grace has a story to tell.

Q: What has been a most important class for you?

A: My best class has been Humanities CP. It helped me grow as a writer and think more deeply. For example, in the Gulliver’s Travels unit, I had to think more deeply than just the story, I was pushed to look into it and see the satire not so well hidden within. In this unit, I even got to try my own hand at writing some satire which made me appreciate how much work Jonathan Swift must have put into writing his much longer and better novel.

I love studying good literature and we have read so many of the Great Books this year. Last December, Mr. Philbrick challenged me to tackle the “Western Civilization” essay prompt for the Portfolio. It was a way to synthesize the main ideas of the writers we had been studying. He said it was profoundly done, and he made it into a marketing piece for the school."

Q: Is there a favorite experience at Jesse to share?

A: "The best experience was my Junior year overnight hike. We were supposed to do an overnight hike over Liberty and Lafayette but we had to change our plans due to inclement weather, particularly in the summits. We made the best of it and camped overnight by Zealand Hut. We hiked up to Mount Hale. It was an amazing experience and I got to have a really good conversation with Mr McLarty about my faith. It provoked me to think much further about why I believe what I do as well as encouraging me along my journey.

Also the NYC mission trip was a profound experience. I got to meet so many other Christians and it was amazing to pray with them. One woman I met while singing in the subways was going to see her son for the first time in 20 years and I got to pray with her. She even sang a song for us!"

Q: What is the personality of the class of 2023?

A: I would describe the class of 2023 as bold. We have never been afraid to stand up for strong principles even when there were elements of stress or division in our class.

Q: Share with us a verse that has guided your high school years.

A: Philippians 4:6-7 is my life verse because it reminds me to pray when I am stressed out or anxious and then God will guard me. For example, during the Uganda missions trip this year, there were so many unknowns. Every night we would go to bed not knowing exactly what would happen tomorrow, or how our ministry would go. This experience made me realize how important these verses are to me because it was one of the first times I had to truly rely on God for everything.

Q: And where to next Grace?

A: I am going to Saint Anselm College as a Music major. I am getting a Bachelors and my primary instrument is voice. I hope to use this to teach music and help out further on my church’s worship team.

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