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Senior Feature: Hailey Chapman

Full of life, imbued with a contagious smile, ready and willing to serve, caring for the “least of these” – Meet Hailey Rhea Chapman, a four year Jesse student!

Q: What has been a most important class for you?

A: "The best class has arguably been CP Humanities. Junior year I wasn't doing well in regard to understanding the material, getting my assignments done, doing my part in group projects – and my grades reflected that! This year, however, I've surpassed what I did last year by so much! I'm completing all my work, understanding difficult material, and thinking about what I'm reading in order to understand it. The class has taught me how to want to learn and persevere even when I'm not doing well. Mr. Philbrick has taught me how to ask for help and also properly and biblically respond to failure, using it as motivation to do better next time.

The pieces of literature that have challenged me the most are probably Animal Farm, and Paradise Lost. Animal Farm was a lot for my 15 year old brain, due to the nature of the writing as well as the concepts that are exemplified. Paradise Lost was a challenge as well, as it really made me think about my perspective on God, creation, and specifically temptation and sin."

Q: Is there a favorite experience at Jesse to share?

A: "My favorite experience was freshman year playing “Beanpole” with the 2020 seniors. I grew so close to them, and they taught me how to be a senior leader. The Detroit mission trip was also really influential for me, I was one of the few girls who went, and it taught me a lot about being a team player and pressing on during hardships. I learned a lot about how to regulate how hard I can push my physical limitations to be most effective.

My favorite memory from Uganda is probably staying in my host home. My host sister had two younger siblings, Elijah and Mimi, they were absolute angels and really made me feel more comfortable as it felt like my own home. They loved sitting and asking questions about me and my life. I played a lot of card games with them. They’re forever going to have a really special place in my heart."

Q: What is the personality of the Class of 2023?

A: "Our class is really, really, funny. We were a group of kids who seemingly didn't fit together well our freshman year, but the longer we've been together the better we've learned each other and the closer we've become. I love all my classmates, truly, and imagining how graduation day will be the end of our time together is heartbreaking. We're the funniest, creativest, silliest, smartest, most irrational-rationalists ever!"

Q: Share with us a verse that has guided your high school years.

A: "I would say a verse that describes my life is Romans 5:3-4 "Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope." The first half of high school was a struggle for me in many ways, but I really feel like this verse shows my path from despair to joy in Christ. The more I leaned on Him, the more I understood what I was feeling and how He can fix everything."

Q: And where to next Hailey?

A: "I will be attending Geneva College for Secondary Education with a concentration in Math. The goal is to become a math teacher and to reach teens in a way that's deeper than just a math equation."

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