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2018 Humanities Faire - a Grand Success!

Greetings to you all!

A Decree From His Majesty, King George III, Royal Sovereign of Great Britain (and all things JRHS): 

It is hereby announced that every student should be most proud of themselves and their work related to the 2018 Humanities Faire - it has been a resounding success in several ways!

The students may recall our pre-show meetings each day, we set our sights on three primary goals: 

- to bring glory to God in all of our speaking, leading, acting, interacting, - everything! 

- to do it safely - physical, emotional, relational safety

- to create life experiences that will fuel further growth in the pursuit of excellence

I believe we have met the mark on these over and again, and it is my prayer that each family had a time of celebration after a season of hard and worthwhile effort and work. I thoroughly enjoyed walking about each day and again at the Tavern Dance, and observing the pervasive spirit of Joy that stood out to me.

The Faire stands as a testimony to the essence of JRHS that is unique to us: a blend of traditional and project learning, all coming together for a series of presentations. Everyone has grown significantly in leadership, collaboration, problem solving, faith, perseverance, not to mention good life skills such as public speaking, delegation, compromise, communication and so much more.

So, the "Colonial Faire 2018 Master Script" will now take its well earned spot on the shelf of fame in my office, and what began as a vision, has now come full circle to an incredible story.

To God be the Glory, great things He has done!


(Mr. P)

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